Student Leadership

2023 -2024

Band Council

The band council are the officers of the Band Club and assist the Band Director in keeping the band organized, planning special events, and in retaining history and traditions.

President - Jonah Feldman

Vice-President - Nikolas Terry

Treasurer - Matteo Barone

Secretary - Aaron Pak

Historian - Carolyn Robertson

Public Relations - Manish Reddy

Librarian - Lauren Burnside & Jayla Richardson

Equipment Manager - Tate Leventhal

Uniform Manager - Tyler Higgins

Marching Band Section Leaders

Each instrumet section (or group of similar instruments) is lead by a section leader who exihibits skill in both music performance and leadership. These individuals work directly with the Band Director and each member of the section to ensure the success of each section, and ultimately, the entire Marching Band. 

Drum Major -  Carolyn Robertson

Piccolo - Lauren Burnside

Clarinet - Audrey Hofelich

Saxophone - Jonah Feldman

High Brass - Oliver Blum

Baritone - Tyler Higgins

Sousaphone - Nikolas Terry 

Drum Line - Matteo Barone

Color Guard - Layla Falcon & Ray Elliott