Summer Band Camp 2024

2024 Summer Band Camp Information

As this school year winds down, it is time to sign up for the 2024 Summer Band Camp!

Summer Band Camp is for students who will be members of the 2024 Firebird Marching Band

AND any student considering joining. It is an important time to learn more about high school

band, learn marching basics, and play lots and lots of music. At Band Camp the students also

participate in many activities to bond with their new band family! As a future member of the

Chaparral Firebird Marching Band, it is a vital experience.

Band Camp is again July 28-August 1, at Camp Shadow Pines in Heber, Arizona. A

charter bus will pick up the students from Chaparral and bring them back after camp has

concluded. Please fill out the “Parent/Guardian Permission for School Trip” form for

camp, attach any medical information for your student, and remit payment.

Band camp; including all 12 meals, lodging, camp facilities, and chartered bus

transportation to and from camp, is a total of $375 this year.

Please send a check for $375 to the Chaparral Bookstore on or before May 10, 2024.

{100% of this payment is Tax Credit Eligible Money.} You may also pay ONLINE - for Tax Credit Payments & for NON Tax Credit Payments. Follow instructions

and find “Band Club” under “Fees and Club Activities”.

*Also, Please attend our annual End-of-the-year Pic-Nic. This event is held at Cactus Park on

Friday May 17 th from 4-7pm. Students will find out their new leaders for the coming year and

any other news for our upcoming amazing season. Parents are welcome to come too! Food!

Friends! & Fun!

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